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How to simplify something as complex as the car? Which way should I go in this process of simplification? I found the answer in the transfer of the complexity of the physical level to the virtual level. If one of the main problems of today’s world is glut of material and its wasting, we are bound to essentially decrease its use. We must focus on a comprehensive plan to deal with precious material which has its limits on earth. In light of these considerations, I made a proposal that works with concepts such as community, multiplication and mutual attraction. I was inspired also by the microcosm where some basic elements of substance can interact with each other to create a diverse world like we experience everyday around us. I believe that the basic of success of micro particles lies in their attraction and in potential to combine with each other. This was the key concept for my proposal. I created a vehicle that is inherently small and minimal and I gave it the potential to combine with others of its kind. This aspect of the merger (mutual gravity) helped me solve many fundamental problems of today's transport:

  • the vehicle will be always limited by the volume of the fuel tank
  • the driver feels alone and vulnerable on the road hence he tends to defend by surrounding himself with masses of armor - iron - expensive material
  • the vehicle itself behaves non environmentally
  • driving is a struggle / stress
  • the vehicle has very limited all-around view
  • making of the vehicle itself is environmentally irresponsible.