I started my postgraduate degree in vehicle design on Royal Collage of Art in London in september 2011. Since then I has been incredibly busy and could not keep my blog up to date. Now the situation is getting better. I settled down in new environment. I am planning to make overall update of my sites that would reflects recent developments. I set myself a very ambitious plan soo please beare with me. I presume that it will be done by the end of december so expect this blog to come alive just at the beginning of the year 2012. Oficial date is 01/01/2012.

The new design of the sites is first step in this overall transformation.

I has been absolutely fenomenal here at collage. Those whose been to RCA knows what I am talking about and I am soo looking forward to posting my latest works.

It is a lot of stuff so there is much to look forward to.

I will be back in a bit. 

Best regards,

- MV - Michal Vlcek -